Permablitz at Yellow Bike Project


Purpose: To demonstrate to members of the Yellow Bike Project how to cultivate perennial food crops.

Site Address:
1216 Webberville Rd, Austin, TX 78721
Site Liaison(s):
Mary Tucker-Peterson
ERC Liaison(s): Zach Causey and Kirby Fry
Private or Public land:
Original Installation Date:
Original Budget: $700
Funding Provided By: $400 from Yellow Bike Project, $300 from ERC
Volunteer Information (Names, contact info, group associations):

Irrigation How is the Garden Getting Water? One section of drip line connected to gravity flow rainwater collection system. The hose bib along side a slab between the rain water cisterns and the garden.
Estimated Water Use
Earthworks Soil Type/Composition
Soil Depth
Number of Berms/Swales Installed 2
Length/Width of Berms and Swales in Linear Feet Swale #1: 6’x30’Berm #1: 6’x24’

Swale #2: 6’x30’

Berm #2: 8’x45’

Was Soil Imported? If So, How Much?
Was Mulch Imported? If So, How Much?
Plants Number of Trees Planted 6
Species/Spacing Between Trees Berm #1 looking up from below the berm from left to right:0’-10’ is a Citrus Tree  5’  Arroyo Sweet Wood  5’  Plum 

Berm #2: looking up from below the berm from left to right:

0’-16’ is a Plum  8’  Arroyo Sweet Wood  8’  Apple

Caliper Width of Trees (Measured Annually)/Date Measured
Survival Rate of Trees/Date Observed
Describe Understory and Groundcover Berm #1: the herbaceous layer includes trailing rosemary, iris, salvia coxinia and Bermuda grass.Berm #2: the herbaceous layer includes culinary sage, asparagus, lavender, Gregg’s mist flower, ragweed, and dove weed.
Structures Existing Structures (Fences, Sheds, etc. on Property Before Installation)
Installed Structures (Trellises, Solar Panels, Solar Shower, Outdoor Kitchen, Chicken Coops, Greenhouses, etc)

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