Edible, Beneficial, Perennial Garden / Successional Native Perennial Understory

After evaluating so many of our gardens, I’m seeing a need to plant a more hardy native perennial understory.

Below are a couple of photographs I took of a highway median between an over pass and the access road in Bastrop, Texas along US Highway 71. Someone in the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has their shit together.

This super hardy native perennial herbaceous understory, represented by rock rose, lantanna, Turk’s cap, salvia coccinea, red yucca, and native grasses, really impresses me.


The next highest vertical native perennial / evergreen bushy hedge row layer is represented by mountain laurel, wax myrtle, and yaupon holly. TxDOT’s woody shrub layer is also very impressive.

These layers, tested for us by TxDOT, could all play the roll of support species and nurse tree for our edible, beneficial, perennial gardens. They might actually help to also slow down Bermuda grass and sun flower colonization.

Explosive abundance,
Kirby Fry

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