Purpose: To demonstrate to middle school students to cultivate perennial food crops.

Site Address:
1607 Pennsylvania Ave, Austin, TX 78702
Site Liaison(s):
ERC Liaison(s): Pete VanDyck and Karen Beaty
Original Installation Date:
Original Budget: $700
Funding Provided By: Kealing MS PTA (also provided lunch on day of install)
Volunteer Information (Names, contact info, group associations):


Irrigation How is the Garden Getting Water? As of August 11, 2015: One section of drip line on timers is working for the two swales and berms. The hose bib is located against the retaining wall toward the school building, and requires a hose bib key. The trees planted by the Boy Scouts need to have the drip lines reconnected to the main system because they have been severed by lawn mowers. Several trees need their irrigation system repaired and buried- trees have died and need to be replaced with like trees.
Estimated Water Use
Earthworks Soil Type/Composition
Soil Depth
Number of Berms/Swales Installed 2
Length/Width of Berms and Swales in Linear Feet Swale #1: 6’x36’Berm #1: 7’x36’Swale #2: 6’x55’

Berm #2: 7’x60’

Was Soil Imported? If So, How Much?
Was Mulch Imported? If So, How Much?
Plants Number of Trees Planted 14
Species/Spacing Between Trees Looking up from below berm #1 from left to right:Acacia  4’  Desert Willow  6’  unknown species  6’  Sweet Almond Verbena  4’  Pomegranate  6’  Multi-graphed Plum  5’  Black LocustLooking up from below berm #2 from left to right:

0’-4’ is a Mulberry  6’  Golden Ball Lead Tree  6’  Fig  4’  Golden Ball Lead Tree  6’  Fig  4’  Black Berry  4’  Black Berry

Caliper Width of Trees (Measured Annually)/Date Measured
Survival Rate of Trees/Date Observed
Describe Understory and Groundcover Berm #1: the herbaceous layer of the berm is covered with Bermuda grass, spider wort, Gregg’s mist flower, and asparagus.Berm #2: the herbaceous layer of the berm includes coper canyon daisy, artichoke, annual beans, Jerusalem artichoke, comfrey, Turk’s cap, and Bermuda grass
Structures Existing Structures (Fences, Sheds, etc. on Property Before Installation)
Installed Structures (Trellises, Solar Panels, Solar Shower, Outdoor Kitchen, Chicken Coops, Greenhouses, etc)

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