About Us

The EARTH REPAIR CORPS is resolved to design, create, and maintain a permaculture resource institute in Central Texas that will significantly increase the research and educational opportunities for the conservation of soils and waters, the cultivation of both annual and perennial food crops, the construction of natural and sustainable housing for rural populations, and the restoration of Texas’ natural ecosystems.


In order to achieve this goal the Earth Repair Corps is resolved to:

  1. Purchase or lease a property of significant size in Central Texas that will serve as a “best practices” demonstration site where the best practices of soil and water conservation, regenerative agriculture, natural building, and ecological restoration may be implemented, demonstrated, and taught.
  2. Provide research and educational programs in sustainable agriculture on site and off site, for anyone interested in economically and ecologically sustainable agricultural models in rural Texas.
  3. Create a small rural community on the demonstration site of at least 4 naturally built, sustainably-designed 3-bedroom / 2-bathroom houses that will serve as housing for interns, housing for staff, provide a class room, and provide offices for staff.