Earth Repair Corps Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at Texastopia in Blanco, Texas – 2018 06 19


Hello Everyone,

Earth Repair Corps just completed its first PDC near the headwaters of the Blanco River at Texastopia.

Pete VanDyck and I signed the PDC certificates together.  It was a real honor to teach with Pete, and everyone else that made this course possible.

During the second half of this course we discussed specific design systems, beginning with the home, and then moving outward towards further away and larger systems; from the built environment (the home), to intensive annual vegetable, culinary, and medicinal gardens (right around the home), to small animal systems, broader annual crops,  and orchards (several yards away from the home), to intensive cell grazing systems and wood lots (well away from the home), and then on to ecological restoration.


So much thanks to our guest speakers.

Heather King shared with us just what it takes to grow an annual vegetable victory garden and market garden here in Central Texas.  She covered how to cope with profitability, heat, drought, hard freezes, heavy rains, and unpredictability.

Tina and Orion Weldon spoke to us about their amazing work at TerraPurezza raising pasture fed pigs, harvesting the food waste stream to supplement their feed costs, and marketing organic produce and meats to restaurants.  TerraPurezza has received a Texas Department of Agriculture Young Famer Grant, and an Environmental Protection Agency award for Green Infrastructure, and Low Impact Development.

Adam Russell shared with us that healing the human body and healing the soil have a lot in common.  Both have to breath in air, both need water moving through them, both need neural connections, and both need protective covering.  He also gave us a tour of his family farm in Blanco, Texas showing us where he installed conservation terraces, and where he applied the Yeoman’s Keyline chisel plow.

Jim O’Donnell spoke to the class about the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve (BCP), where he is working to create ecological resilience around the City of Austin’s western greenbelt.  One of our next permablitzes will be at BCP.

Woody Welch spoke with us about a sustainable energy economy, and specifically spoke with us about photovoltaic energy systems.  During the second to the last day, Woody also spoke to the class about financial strategies for staying out of debt.


So much thanks to our graduates.

They participated in 72 hours of classroom instruction in order to get their design course certificate.

The last Saturday night, the class had a fantastic talent show.

The last Sunday morning, and our last day of class, we held a Blanco River blessing ceremony, AND a father’s day blessing ceremony.  I’ve never experienced anything like that since I was alongside a river in Peru near Machu Picchu.

The students’ design course presentations were terrific.


Explosive abundance,

Kirby Fry



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Permaculture Design Course at Texastopia Farm near Blanco, Texas
2018 05 12

Greetings Everyone,

Earth Repair Corp’s first Permaculture Design Course recently began along the headwaters of the Blanco River at Texastopia Farm, on April 14, 2018.  During this course Pete VanDyck and I have been teaching about design systems for sustainable living, as well as how to create agriculturally productive ecosystems.

The 72 hour class has more or less followed Bill Mollison’s “Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual”, chapter by chapter.

Here’s the progression of the course’s curricula so far – that is six days (or 48 hours) into the class.

What is permaculture design?  The history of permaculture design, the state of the world, permaculture ethics, permaculture principles, the methods of design, the function of design, patterns in nature, patterns in design, the natural regions of Texas, ecological restoration, climate, trees and their energy transactions, soil and water conservation, earthworks, soil science, design projects, mapping, and regenerative grazing.

So far, we have had 3 terrific guest speakers.

Jaime Braun spoke to us on April 28th about regenerative grazing.

Gary Freeborg spoke to us on May 5th about soil science, and elemental balances and ratios in soils.

Adam Russel spoke to us on May 5th about conservation terraces, the key line chisel plow, and compost teas.

Our next guest teachers on May 19th, Tina and Orion Weldon, will be discussing small animal systems, and farm to market business management strategies.

Though all of this information might seem overwhelming, the desired outcome is not that students remember every bit of information taught, but that we experience a paradigm shift edging us closer to designing sustainable human settlements, and assembling beneficial relationships.

Stay tuned for a schedule and location for our Fall 2018 PDC.

Earth Repair Corps seeks to create abundance through good design.

Kirby Fry


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Kirby Fry, Earth Repair Corps’ Founder and President, gave an overview of permaculture to a permablitz group in San Antonio at Roots of Change Community Garden.

The first ten minutes is an overview of the ethics and principles of permaculture. The remainder of the video is specific to the pond installation that was underway at the ‘blitz.

If you are interested in learning more about permaculture, consider taking a Design Course with Earth Repair Corps and/or joining us for the next permablitz!

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