Don’t miss our Winter/Spring 2019 Permaculture Design Course!

Ever wondered how to sustainably manage a forest wood lot?

Have you heard of a Silvopasture before?

Interested in a career in ecological restoration?

We teach the strategies for achieving holistic design and much more.

The Permaculture Design Course is a 12 day, 72 hour class that focuses on topics such as –

  • Ethics & Principles of Permaculture Design
  • Functions & Methods of Sustainable Design
  • PA Yeoman’s Scale of Permanence
  • Patterns in Nature & Patterns in Design
  • Interactions of Climate, Water, Soil, & Energy
  • Earthworks & Mapping
  • Specific Design Systems for Zones of Use
  • Eliminating Waste & Increasing Yields
  • Small Animal Systems & Intensive Cell Grazing Systems

The objectives of our PDC are: To discuss sustainable and regenerative systems – To help participants become better agricultural and architectural designers – To create communities of people that are ready to help each other implement regenerative design wherever they may be.

This course is designed to empower people to build the sustainable societies they wish to see in the world. You will learn about design systems that, when implemented on a small or large scale, help to further this goal.

This is an intensive course taught by experts with best practices in the fields of permaculture, regenerative agriculture, sustainable energy, on and off grid living, and food security solutions.

We teach, and never stop studying, new and innovative ways to design human settlements that give back more to the earth than they take from it, how to build houses that pay US to live in them, and how to cultivate agriculturally productive ecosystems for all.

Starting in 2019, Earth Repair Corps will be organizing two Permaculture Design Courses per year. You can find schedule updates on our calendar

Come to learn and explore with us. Let’s make the human experience a regenerative experience.