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Permaculture Design Course – Winter/Spring 2019

January 19, 2019 @ 9:00 am - June 16, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

6-Weekend Intensive Permaculture Design Course

Kick off 2019 on the Blanco River while expanding your knowledge of sustainable design systems.

During this Permaculture Design Course, participants will be introduced to the ethics, principles, and methods of Permaculture while learning how to design, create, and maintain agriculturally productive ecosystems and sustainable human settlements. View an Introduction to Permaculture video here.

This 72 hour intensive course is taught by experts with best practices in the fields of permaculture, regenerative agriculture, sustainable energy, water conservation, natural building, and more.

Come learn in the setting of one of the most beautiful rivers on the Edwards Plateau while cultivating a new community during this life changing opportunity.

Texastopia Farm – Blanco, Texas

Located ~15 miles west of downtown Blanco and just downstream from the headwaters of the Blanco River, this family farm and permaculture campus offers a genuine and unique learning experience with abundant hands-on opportunity.

Read more about 2018’s PDC at Texastopia here.

  • January 19-20
  • February 16-17
  • March 16-17
  • April 20-21
  • May 18-19
  • June 15-16


Registration and Payment
Cost/Tuition: $895

Reserve your seat by completing the Registration Form and submitting a $450 deposit via PayPal or by mailing a check made payable to: Earth Repair Corps, 1483 CR 311, McDade, TX 78650.  Final payment is due by the first class meeting. For alternative payment arrangements, email us.

  • 10% off Holiday Discount extended thru December 31st
  • Discounts for groups – 5% off for every individual

Overnight Facilities:

  • Camping available
  • 2 RV hookups available on a first come, first served basis (reserve on Registration Form)
  • Indoor/outdoor shower and bathroom facilities available
  • Kitchenette available

Questions?  Email earthrepaircorps@gmail.com.

2019 Jan-Jun PDC Deposit

Class Dates & Material Covered

January 19-20 – Introduction to Permaculture Design – Site Tour – Regrarians Platform – Patterns – Bio Regions of Texas 

February 16-17 – Patterns – Climate – Geography – Trees & their Energy Transactions – Water 

March 16-17 – Overview of Soils and Compost – Biofertilizer & Compost tea – Mineral amendments – Earthworks 

April 20-21 – Small-Scale Animal Systems – Built Environment – Alternative energy 

May 18-19 – Permaculture Design for Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4 – Holistic Management – Regenerative Grazing 

June 15-16 – Nonprofit Grants – Strategic Management – Sustainable Communities 

This intensive permaculture design course will cover, but is not limited to:

  • Introduction to permaculture design – ethics, principles, methods and function of design.
  • Patterns in nature.  Patterns in design.  Climate and how to mimic natural ecosystems.
  • PA Yeoman’s Scale of Permanence.
  • Water management strategies.
  • Earthworks & Mapping.
  • Eliminating Waste & Increasing Yields.
  • Soil sciences & soil conservation strategies – roads, dams, conservation terraces, key line plowing.
  • Culinary, medicinal, pollinator, and annual gardens.
  • Edible beneficial perennial gardens.
  • Intensive cell grazing systems.
  • Plant propagation & wood lot management.
  • Participants will create a design of their own to take home.


Additional guest instructors to be announced

Kirby Fry Earth Repair Corps permaculture in Texas

KIRBY FRY – Southern Exposure 

The primary instructor, Kirby Fry, started out his journey with a degree in Forestry Sciences from Texas A&M University and soon after was building tree nurseries, terraces, and planting fuelwood forests with the US Peace Corps in the Highlands of Guatemala. He worked in the field with Bill Mollison and Allan Savory for over 2 years at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas at “the top of the Hill Country”.

Today, Kirby works building houses, gardens, and sustainable design systems. Kirby believes that we should be building houses and landscapes that pay us to live in them, that we can give back more to the earth than we take from it in a lifetime, and that we can create agriculturally productive ecosystems for humans better than nature can.


Pete Van DyckPETE VAN DYCK – Drought Proof TX

Pete Van Dyck grew up under the shade of oak trees and woke to the sound of roosters crowing on a homestead south east of Oklahoma City. Pete was a competitive swimmer for 12 years, where his deep connection with water began. After graduating high school, he volunteered to serve in the United States Navy and underwent some of the most rigorous military training in the world at Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL School.  After his service with the Navy, Pete decided to pursue a lifestyle dedicated to land restoration and prioritization of the health of the land, health of the water, and the health of humans.

Using the GI Bill, Pete attended a heavy equipment operator and construction course where he learned how to safely operate equipment and run job sites. Pete has attended many land planning & farm design design courses with world-renowned designers including Darren Doherty, Geoff Lawton, and Mark Shepard. He has also volunteered his services with Earth Repair Corps to farmers and homesteaders all over central Texas, helping them to conserve soil, water, and money. Pete runs a small business that specializes in soil and water conservation that has worked and consulted on over 60 sites around Texas in just 3 years. Now he lives in Blanco, Texas building a farm that will demonstrate how to regeneratively manage land while making a sustainable profit.


Adam Russell Permaculture Design Course Earth Repair CorpsADAM RUSSELL – Upcycle Organics 

Adam Russell is an ecologist and explorer, receiving a Bachelors degree in Biology from Trinity University. He is currently an educator for Remote Medical International and has worked with human and land health in remote locations around the world since 2006. He has worked to regenerate a 100 acre piece of family property in Blanco, TX with the use of Holistic Management, earthworks, biofertilizers, and biodynamic practices.

Adam seeks to build a knowledge base of how we can work to release to potential from this beautiful and rugged landscape. Adam’s current projects include broad scale soil rehabilitation and the spread of available solutions through his work with Upcycle Organics and Down to Earth Expeditions. He will be joining us to teach about biofertilizer, compost tea, and mineral amendments.


TINA & ORION WELDON – TerraPurezza Farm

Located in the Texas Hill Country, TerraPurezza began as a husband and wife team: Tina and Orion Weldon founded the initial farm in the fall of 2015 in Spicewood, TX.  Tina and Orion met during their studies at Rutgers University. Orion was working on his PhD in conservation ecology, researching endangered species’ habitat requirements. Tina was completing her dietetics degree with a focus on community public health. It became clear to both of them that agriculture is a core contributor to challenges in their respective fields, especially in ecology and land use.

TerraPurezza is a regenerative agriculture institute and farm, born out of a shared mission to change the way food is produced and how we relate to the land. Regenerative agriculture is a collection of techniques that together form an approach to food production that focuses on rehabilitating soil health, rebuilding native grasslands, and restoring natural water cycles. Tina & Orion will speak about small scale animal systems.


Woody WelchWOODY WELCH – Wood E Photography

From newsworthy fresh water issues to the world’s largest solar power plants, from world record-breaking athletes in Scotland for Dell to an on-going personal project narrative of the groundbreaking Earthship Biotecture project in Taos New Mexico, Woody’s pointed curiosity precedes him. He has been covering his One River project, an in-depth narrative about the Guadalupe River Watershed, for over 30 years.

For the past 20 years Woody has been in the trenches photographing the energy industry but has shifted more recently to cutting edge solar projects around the U.S. He will share his wealth of knowledge about our transition from our commodity based power grid to a more sustainable model that is good for all. Woody is currently the Executive Creative Director for Earth Repair Corps, completed his PDC in the Summer of 2015 and is transforming his small homestead in New Braunfels into a sustainable paradise. He loves up-cycling reclaimed wood, swimming in the Comal River and spreading the good news about permaculture every chance he gets.


SHELLY BELINKO – Blinking Owl Acres

Shelly spent three decades roaming the world before she realized she was meant to be in Texas. Now, she spends her days homeschooling her children and developing Blinking Owl Acres – a permaculture based homestead and artisanal makeup & body care company based in Smithville, TX. She has spent most of the last decade working in the field of natural and healthy living and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience. She is also a total nerd and loves to stay up all night researching crazy ideas, brewing mysterious potions, and devising all sorts of plans for the homestead.

Blinking Owl Acres is a five acre permaculture homestead located in the Lost Pines ecosystem of Bastrop County. At the homestead, they are hard at work designing integrated production systems that take advantage of the bounty of the local ecology while working to improve soil fertility and vitality. Similarly, the Blinking Owl Acres line of holistic makeup & body care utilizes the bounty produced by the homestead together with responsibly sourced ingredients to create high quality products that balance and nourish the skin’s ecology, empowering it to be healthy and beautiful.


PEGGY SECHRIST – Holistic Management International 

Peggy Sechrist has been a Certified Educator for 20 years, teaching workshops and working with ranching operations and non-profit organizations. Through additional study she has developed expertise around planning facilitation, communication, and conflict mediation. Peggy helps raise organic beef and chicken at the Sechrist Ranch near Fredericksburg, Texas, as well as co-managing Homestead Healthy Foods’ wholesale and retail operation.

Previously, Mrs. Sechrist was executive director of the non-profit group, Holistic Resource Management of Texas, which seeks to promote environmentally and economically sustainable land and business operations in the state. She has also served in a variety of roles with USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program, to help with training and promoting alternative, more viable forms of agriculture.


JIM O’DONNELL – Balcones Canyonlands Preserve

For over 30 years, Jim has combined his love of teaching, biology, and environmental stewardship to help protect the Black-capped Vireo and endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler in Central Texas. He was instrumental in setting aside the 214-acre tract of land that is now known as the Vireo Preserve, which once supported the largest concentration of Black-capped Vireos in Travis County.

As a result of his efforts and knowledge of the endangered songbirds and their ecosystems, Jim was appointed to the Biological Advisory Team that provided the basis and support for the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, a system of preserves established under a federal Endangered Species Act permit to protect multiple endangered and rare species in Travis County. Jim has spent the last 10 years designing and implementing habitat restoration on the Vireo Preserve, which is now owned and managed by the City of Austin as part of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. Jim uses his knowledge of the species, plants, permaculture, and teaching to implement regenerative habitat restoration projects with a community of volunteers to benefit a variety of native Texas ecosystems. He regularly gives presentations to numerous state and local groups on this topic.


HEATHER KING – Fox Gully Farm

Heather King has a Bachelors Degree in Design and received her Permaculture Design Course while running an organic landscaping company. With 15 years of experience growing food in Texas, she is the owner and operator of Fox Gully Farm – a small permaculture orchard and biointensive market garden.

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