Our Mission

Earth Repair Corps is resolved to create abundance through good design by significantly increasing educational opportunities for regenerative systems, including the conservation of soils and waters, the cultivation of annual and perennial food crops, the construction of natural and sustainable communities, and the restoration of natural ecosystems.


Earth Repair Corps achieves our mission by:

1. Training teachers and designers through Permaculture Design Certification classes every year.
2. Managing and conducting Permablitz’s annually in order to activate the education opportunities in the field.
3. Supporting small and large properties and projects in their pursuits of sustainable design and ecological restoration.
4. Designing, creating, and maintaining  a network of permaculture research stations.

We value community participation and involvement in our projects. Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our culture. We believe that bringing together people with varied perspectives and experiences builds community, enhances understanding, and improves our work.