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Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forum
Low Impact Development resource for effective implementation

The Stormwater Blog
Stormwater Blog about Onsite water management, low impact development, rainwater harvesting, stormwater…

Capital Area Council of Governments
CAPCOG » Data, Maps, and Reports

The USGS Store
One stop shop for all your maps, world, United States, state, wall decor,…
U.S. Department of the Interior | U.S. Geological Survey

Web Soil Survey
When you change your screen resolution, the application resets the calibration to “(not to scale)”, but it remembers the previous value of pixels per inch until you explicitly change it, because it will still be valid if you return to the previous screen resolution.

TPWD: Wildscapes: Plant Guidance by Ecoregio

Foraging Texas

Open Source Ecology
We’re developing open source industrial machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and…

San Antonio River Authority – Contours
In partnership with the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB)/Texas Natural Resource Information Systems…

Permablitz Melbourne
What is a Permablitz? What is Permaculture? Frequently Asked Questions…

Off Grid Info – Food Independence – Where To Get Heirloom Seeds

Tree Service Arborist Registration – About Trees
Problems getting rid of your wood chip mulch? There’s an app for that! Get the Free Mulch App now!Our Free Mulch App is now live and beta testing mode to connect you to people who want wood chips from the Free Mulch Program!We have OVER THREE THOUSAND free wood chip requests and are inviting qualit…

Map – Browns/Carbon Sources | Compost Coalition

Agriculture Library Index
Albrecht, William A. “Loss Of Soil Organic Matter And Its Restoration”. Soils and Men: USDA Yearbook of Agriculture. Washington, D.C., United States Department of Agriculture, 1938.

The Imprinting Foundation
“The imprinting Foundation is dedicated to the development and extension of new technologies…

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Landowner’s Guide: Building and Managing Ponds
The type of pond to construct depends upon your goals. If you want to raise bluegills, bass, or trout, then make the pond deep. If your goal is to attract ducks, frogs and wetland birds, then build it shallow. Some landowners try to achieve both goals with a single project and usually fail, especial…

Composting, Renewable Energy & Sustainability |

Contour Map Creator
Go to the desired location in the map, set two markers by clicking the map to define a rectangle (or enter coordinates manually). Click the button [get data]. Optionally you can change the number of elevation samples you want in each direction, the more the better. However, if you go beyond 2500 tot…

Homewyse Calculator: Drip Irrigation System prices, options and installation…

TAMU Texas Tree Selector

USDA Advanced Plant Search database