Festival Beach Food Forest Design Layout


Several of us spent about 5 hours yesterday helping to lay out the Festival Beach Food Forest earthworks. The heavy equipment will be showing up no later than the 17th of October, our permablitz there will be on October 31st and November 1st, and the big Tree Folks planting event will be on November 7th. Stay tuned everyone!

So like I’ve always said, good design is initially a process of elimination, that means identifying all of the known elements and reducing and eliminating the possibilities of where those elements can go.

As Donald Rumsfeld, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, once said, “we can identify the known-knowns”. Then yesterday the more we explored the known-knowns, the more we uncovered the “known-unknowns“, and the better prepared we became for the “unknown-unknowns.”

Some of the known-knowns are for instance the sidewalks and visible paths, the contour lines, the obvious places where water enters the garden area, and the giant shade trees.

Some of the known unknowns are where exactly the water presently leaves this site (we have a general idea), where the water will leave the site after we install the earthworks, foot paths that we can’t see, how the local stake holders will react to it all, and how to get the best piece of heavy equipment in here that will be the most efficient and least disruptive (Pete’s closing in fast on this last item).

The unknown-unknowns? They are not knowable at this point in time, but we’re doing everything we can to be ready for them. The Festival Beach Food Forest team has put a HUGE amount of thought and preparation into this so I’d like to think they’ll be ready for anything.

It was a very exciting day yesterday. We must have walked around the entire garden over a dozen times using the laser level, setting flags and stakes, making plenty of changes, but also getting closer and closer to the final design. One more significant design review is probably still in order.

Explosive abundance,
Kirby Fry

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