Featured Tool – Razorback Shovel

Featured Tool
Written by: Kirby Fry
Razorback Shovel Long Handle Round Point – R248S LHRP
Available at Home Depot – Cost:  Approximately $35.00
It’s funny sometimes watching people dig with shovels on movies and TV series.  To anyone who has ever really had to dig a ditch, it is so obvious that in movies people are digging graves and ditches that have been backfilled with loose soil, I’m thinking specifically of TV series like The Walking Dead, and Super Natural, which I both really like by the way.
After personally digging miles of conservation terraces and utility ditches by hand, I can tell you a little bit about what one is looking for in a good shovel.  The R248S LHRP satisfies all of my requirements, and meets all of my expectations, the requirements follow.
A strong 48″ long wooden handle.  I would rather have a wooden handle rot on me after 5 or 8 years of use, than have a fiberglass handle crack on me after 6 months of use.
A broad foot rest at the top of a 12″ tall shovel head.  When you put your full weight onto the head of a shovel, you’re hoping that the shovel isn’t so narrow that it splits the soul of your boot in two – which has happened to at least a half dozen work boots that I have owned.  What you want is a broad, textured foot rest that will not cut into the bottom of your boot and foot.
A shovel blade that is thick enough not to buckle under your full weight.
A reinforced shovel head socket that extends further up the length of the shovel handle.  The extended socket helps to defuse the stress on the wooden handle where it connects to the shovel head, and greatly increases leverage and life span.
– Other advice –
Keep you hands clean while digging.  Keep your shovel handle clean as well.  This will prevent slippage, and the creation of blisters.  I never wear gloves when I am digging.
Clean and oil your shovel between jobs.  Even be ready to sterilize it by dunking the head of the shovel into a mild bleach bath when working on organic farms.  It is actually a state requirement.
The Razorback shovel, long handle, round point is hands down my favorite shovel to dig with.  I have donated 3 of them to permablitzes and never broken one yet in over 8 years.
Here’s a quote from the movie, Mystery Men, that I can relate to.  “God gave me a gift.  I shovel very well.  I shovel VERY well.”
I shovel even better with the R248S LHRP in my hands!

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3 Comments on “Featured Tool – Razorback Shovel

  1. I really can’t say enough good things about this shovel. It is worth every penny, and when you pick up a shovel of lesser quality the difference is OBVIOUS! This topic gets me really excited about my favorite bow rake.

  2. Thank you Kirby. I also have a shovel that I really like for certain occasions. I call it a combination shovel. It started out as a sharp pointed shovel ( as opposed to a flat shovel) and the tip split on me. So I took my metal cutting grinder and trimmed off the split part. So it now has a gentle rounded edge and is a bit lighter in weight and in also what it holds. I really like this for use in the garden where the soil is already loosened. It is also great for shoveling compost out of the wheel barrow. As I have gotten older, I like that it is a bit lighter. I don’t lift as much, but I find I can work longer. For what it’s worth. Love you. Blessings.

  3. YES, that broad foot push down on the top of the shovel is great. I hate it when the foot rest is too narrow and hurts your foot after using it all day. The last thing you want in Texas is a flimsy shovel, this one is pretty tough. Thanks for the great post.

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