Featured Tool – Bow Rake

Featured Tool – Seymour, Kenyon 14-inch Bow Rake With Aluminum Handle

Written by: Kirby Fry – Photo by: Elenore Goode

Cost: $48.43

I’ve gone through a lot of bow rakes over the past 20 year and up until recently, I could only tell you what I didn’t like about them – the fiberglass handled rakes crack and split, the wooden handled rakes are heavy and frequently have the rake head detach.  

Not too long ago, however, I was at Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply and spotted a very interesting looking rake.  It had an aluminum handle which was light and strong and the rake head itself was welded and riveted onto the handle. There was one that was 17 inches wide and one that was 14 inches wide.  I eventually bought both of them, but especially liked the 14 inch rake because the narrower rake is really good for tough jobs where the material you’re moving is heavy, inconsistent in size, and in large clumps.

It’s the first rake I reach for on a job site or at a permablitz.

The handle is 60” long, aluminum, and powder coated.  It is strong, flexible, and durable. The rake is 14 inches wide with 13 tines, and is welded and riveted to the handle.

This bow rake has never even come close to failing me.

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