Winter Seasonal Tips

We’d like to wish all of you a very happy holiday season & extend a very sincere thank you for your continued support of our mission!

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Read more below for a few end-of-the-year seasonal tips.  As always, if you wish to make a donation to Earth Repair Corps, it’s tax-deductible. 

  • One of our favorite native plants of the holiday season is the evergreen shrub/small tree Yaupon (ilex vomitoria), also known as Native Holly. 
    • The red berries that yaupon produces in the winter make for great seasonal decorations, and are also welcome winter forage to local wildlife. 
    • Yaupon is the only caffeinated plant native to North America, and its leaves can be used to make a tea by roasting them at a low temperature. Check out some of these recipes so you can roast your own!
    • Yaupon can be found across east Texas, and into the eastern portion of the Hill Country. Read more at Forage Texas
    • Possumhaw (ilex decidua) is very similar to yaupon, but it is not evergreen and loses its leaves in the winter.
  • Winter is always a good time to plant cover crops. Rye, oats, and wheat can still be sown throughout the season. Brassica and other winter greens can also be planted if the seedlings were not hit by hard freezes.
  • There are several ways to reduce your waste during the holiday season. Whether it’s with food scraps, gift wrapping, or discarding of your Christmas tree, don’t forget to apply permaculture principles post-celebration!
  • Local herbs for digestion: the holiday season is typically characterized by an abundance of food, and you may find yourself wanting some digestive aids. Take a look at ChickweedCurled Dock, and Dandelion. And this recipe for an Evergreen Cordial by Traditional Medicinals just for fun. 
Wishing an abundant holiday season to you all!

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